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Military Resources - Sign Up, Guard Programs, Support of the Sea Services, Travel Cooperative.

Federal Government Resources - Business and private protection against fraudulent practices.

Energy Resources - Ideas on Green Buildings, Clean Energy, Educational Information, Energy Issues.

Recycling Resources - Books, Glasses, Cell Phones, Coats, Instruments, Computers.

Genealogy Resources - Discover Your Family History, Search for Ancestors, Family History Library.

Animals Resources -
Adoption. Ending euthanasia of adoptable animals in our community.

Religion Resources - Searchable Christian Family Directory, Get your life back on course. - Easy way to find information on thousands of US cities and towns. - The Classification and Rating Administration. Reasons for Movie Ratings.
Insurance Information Institute - Select state & type of insurance you need, our Web tool will do the rest.

AAAPublicAffairs - Not-for-profit organization, For Kid's Sake, Teen Drivers, Parent Guidelines.
Traffic Injury Research Foundation - National, road safety institute - reduce traffic related deaths/injuries. - Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety - Research That Leads to Stronger Buildings & Communities. - Non-profit organization working to end slavery worldwide.
National Coalition for the Homeless - Our common bond, is to end homelessness.
American Petroleum Institute - Use Energy Wisely - In The Classroom: resource for educators/students.

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American Red Cross - Give Life Today - State & Federal Divorce Laws - Awesomely Crunchy -
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