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Adoption - Parenting Resources
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Helping Families
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Federal Adoption Resources
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Families/Children: Adoption, Child Support, Child Care.
Child Welfare Information Gateway - Government State-by-State licensed adoption agencies.
> - Meet the Children: Portraits of waiting children.  Adoption Exchange Association. - Becoming a Parent - Adoption, Childcare. State & Federal Benefits.
Office of Personnel Management - Federal Employees - ease the adoption process. - Search for ... "adoption" - Tax Benefits for Adoption - qualifying expenses paid to adopt child.
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute -
Assists Congress, draft positive child welfare legislation.

U.S. Department of State
- Children's: International Adoption/Abduction, Attorneys Abroad: Help Abroad.

U.S.A. Adoption Resources - Increasing the adoption of children in foster care. - How Adoption Works for Birthmothers. - Check Adoption Web Sites-by-State. - Bethany Christian Services - 75 locations in 30 states.
- Where do I go for Adoption? For Birthmothers & Adopting Families. - Non-profit, licensed agency, helped place over 1,000 children in homes.

National Council for Single Adoptive Parents - Single Women and Men can Adopt!

International Adoption Resources - Adoption of a Child from Russia or China. - International Adoption of a Child. - Health Issues for Adopting Children from Abroad. - Our Vision ... for every child to have a permanent, loving home. - International Adoption Child Resource Center. Photo listings. - An orphaned child, born in another country and deemed legally freed for adoption.
SwartzAdoptions.comLicensed, non-profit agency specializing in international and domestic adoptions. - Placing over 300 children into homes each year.   We will walk you through the steps. - America World Adoption Association - Helping America's Families/Orphans. - Helping children live with grief and loss.

Think Children First!

` - I'm Thinking... - Designed with you in mind. - Grains for Life - Parents, Families, Adults



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