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Main Page - Social Services, Health Care, Education, College Grants, Financial Aid, Libraries.
Family Activities - Recreation Parks, Zoos, Parks, Museums,
Theme/Amusement Parks, Sports.
Major Cities -
Education, Health, Safety, Libraries, Parks, Guidance Organizations, Entertainment.

Baby to Teenager
   Parents-To-Be Resources - Stage Specific Pregnancy & Baby Information, Fetal Development Images.

Baby Parenting Resources - Health of all Children, Pregnancy & Raising the Newborn, Language.

Toddler Parenting Resources - Successful Treatment of Strong-Willed/Explosive Kids, Developmental.

Preteen Parenting Resources - Tips for Raising Children 9 to 12 year olds, Test & Advise for Parents.

   Teenager Parenting Resources -
Teen Curfew, Education and Research Network, Pregnant, Suicide.

Baby-To-Teenager Parenting Resources - First Years, Children Programs, Childhood Development.

Boarding Schools & Boot Camps - Schools, Camps, Programs For Struggling Teens, Military Schools.

Special Needs Children - Federal & Public Resources; Publications, Education, Health Care, Financial.

Family Support
   Children's Support Resources - Depression &Suicide, Child Abuse / Neglect, Pregnant & Need Help.
      Mentoring Programs to better help Kids, Government Resources:
Admin. for Children & Families.

   Parenting/Family Support Resources - Focus on Family - Help w/: Parenting Children, Relationships,
   Life Pressures,
Becoming a Parent, Military Family Policy/Programs, Support after Death of a child.

   Step Family Support Resources - Blended Families become Successful, Educational Resources,
      Marriage Survive, Forum for Stepfamilies, Issues with your Stepchild, Partners in Regard to Child.

   Single Parent Support Resources - Child rearing tips/issues & help for disciplinary problems.

   Father's Support Resources - Successful Fathering, Stay At Home Dads, Fathers Facing Divorce,
      Parental Spanking vs. non-violent Discipline, U.S. Dept of Health: Fathers Roles Support/Strengthen.

   Mother's Support Resources - Heart Disease, Disabilities and Pregnancy, Women Business Centers,
      Parenting Tips, Self-coaching, Good Health Matters, Why Live with Depression, Financial Education.

   Medical Support Resources - Cancer, Alzheimer, Medical Care Guide, Sleep Apnea, Burn Victims,
      Government Resources, Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, Education Leadership, Advocacy.

   Drug Recovery Support Resources - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services. AA Take a Program,
      Codependency Recovery Information, Drug/Sobriety Weekly Support Group, Recovering from Alcohol.

Federal: Family Support - Family and Youth Services, Becoming a Parent, Consumer Protection, Safety.

Adoption - Federal & Public Adoption Resources, International Adoption Resources.

Foster Care - Federal & Public Adoption Resources, International Adoption Resources.

Child Care - Federal resources that support child care programs. Find a Quality Nanny for Your Child.

Child Safety
Federal Child Safety Resources - Fire Safety, Training & Education, Product Recalls and Safety News
      Lead, Food Safety, Hand Washing, Packing a Safe Lunch, School Bus Safety, Getting to School Safely.

Public Child Safety Resources - Poison Prevention, Creating a Safe & Respectful Environment,
      Child Abuse Prevention Services, Personal Safety Plan, Product Recalls.

   School Safety Resources -
School Bus Safety Guide, Importance of safe walking/biking to school,
      Current information on playground safety, Student driven organization.  Alternatives to violence.

Internet Child Safety Resources - Kidz Privacy, Building a Safer Internet, Internet Dangers,
      Safety Tools, Safety Issues for Kids going Online, Cyber-Neighborhood Watch, Law Enforcement.

Child Safety Device Resources - Home Safety Items, Fire Safety Products, GPS systems,
      Monitor & Bracelet Device to Locate your Children, Safety Products at Affordable Prices.

Child Safety Contractor Resources - Find a Local Baby Proofing Professional, Home Evaluations,
      Work one-on-one w/Clients in the Home to Evaluate their Safety Concerns, Safeguarding Schools.

Educational Resources
Government Educational Resources - Helping Your Child Succeed, Lessons, No Child Left Behind Act.

Public Educational Resources - Ask Dr. Math, Childcare & Parent-Child Activities, Improve Scores.

National Educational Associations - National Forums - Shaping Educational Policies, Education Issues.

Educational Institution Resources - Directory of Schools: State/Career Interest, U.S. Dept of Education.

Adult Education Career Resources - Public Service Jobs, Military, Non-Traditional Education.

Educational Testing Resources - College Entrance Exams: SAT, ACT, GED, GMAT, Miller Analogies.

Home Schooling & Private Schools - Courses & Programs, Will Home Schooling Really Work?

Student Financial Aid - Federal Government & Public Resources. Handbook, Application, Programs.

Vacation Getaways - Major Vacation Destinations. Find Recreation Activities, Traveling/Living Abroad.
Travel Packages: Hotels / Automobiles / Airlines - Compare and save on ground/air travel, lodging.

Family Fun Activities - Educational Games, Quizzes & Interactive Resources, Children's Game Sites.
Coloring Pages - Holiday Drawings: Christmas, Turkey.  Animal Drawings: Cat, Butterfly, Deer.

Public Health & Medical
   Children's Medical Resources - Childhood Diseases, Mental Health Issues, Social Health.

Adult's General Medical Resources - Family Health, Infertility, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.

Mental Health Resources - Psychology Topics: Personality, Stress, Depression, Anger.

   Health & Nutrition - Healthy Meals, Tips to Change Eating Habits, Nutritional Focus on Health Issues.

Hospitals & Terminology Resources - Locate Hospitals Web Sites, Medical Encyclopedia/Diseases.

   Medical Financial Resources - Medical & Dental: Uninsured, Low-Income, Saving Programs, Medicaid.

   Dental Care Resources - Children's Teeth, Oral Care, Braces, Bad Breath & Gum Disease.

Eye Care Resources - Health Education, Optic Nerve Diseases, Cataracts, Pinkeye, Visually Impaired.

   DNA Medical Resources - Paternity Testing, Accredited DNA Testing, Personal  DNA Services.

Skin & Hair Medical Resources - Dermatology Medical Reference/Images/Tutorials, Eczema.

   Medication & Herbal Remedies Resources - Vitamins, Supplements, Nutritional Focus, Fitness.

Government Health & Medical
Medical Information - Health Plans, Prescriptions, Health Conditions/Diseases, , Health News,
      Health Care, Health Library/Dictionary Online Checkups, 700 Health Topics, Drug Information.

Health & Nutrition - Maternal/Child Health, Healthcare Systems/Professions. Diseases of the heart,
      vessels, lung,  blood and sleep disorders. Diseases of the heart, vessels, lung, blood, sleep disorders.

Alcohol & Drugs - Information about alcoholism. Prenatal Tobacco Exposure to Negative Behavior in
      Toddlers. Public Education, Youth, Impaired Driving.

   U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services - A-Z index of health resources, clinical trials, Medline Plus,
      health hotlines.
National Mental Health Information Center - Locate services in your area.

Child Abuse - Families/Children: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Assault.  Early Violence Prevention.

Missing Children - Family Survival Guide When Your Child is Missing. Code Amber. Missing Children.

Family Finances - Protecting America's Consumers. Fighting Back - Identity Theft. How-to-Guide.

Legal/Law Resources - Dispute Resolution, Consumer and Business Education, Charity Review.

   Mother's Divorce Resources - Dedicated to second wives and step-moms! Build a Healthy Relationship.
      Know before you think about getting a divorce. Help as you recover from the hurt of separation/divorce.

Father's Divorce Resources - Strengthening families by strengthening fathers. Proven Strategies.
   Champion the role of fathers to this generation. Secret Divorce Planning for men. Legal options...

   Legal Divorce Resources - State & Federal Divorce Laws. Pre-divorce planning for post-divorce,
      financial security, acquire a successful name change,
battling in the courts, dealing w/ money issues.

   Parenting Divorce Resources - Because Kids don't come with instructions.  You can survive this...
      Meet-up with other local people who co-parent to discuss challenges/rewards. Co-parent challenges.

Attorney Divorce Resources - Find Divorce& Family Law Attorneys. Get the legal assistance you need.
Know your rights: family law, divorce, child custody & support, modification, spousal support, paternity.

   Outside U.S. Divorce Resources - Canada - Europe
Divorce Consultants, Post Divorce Requirements, Advice and Action, Personal Investigation.

Marriage - Parents, couples and individuals, principles for enriching marriage and family life.

Federal Divorce/Marriage - Education/Research Agency for the Federal Courts, Responsible Fatherhood.

Charity Organizations - Nationally Charity Watchdog Service, Disaster Services, Your Guide to Giving.

Family/Parenting Articles - Successful Parenting, Help Children Deal w/Death, Divorce, Religion.

Shopping on the Internet
   Adult Shopping Resources - Virtual Internet Shopping, Major Department Store Shopping.

   Children Shopping Resources - Developmental Toys, Party entertainment, Kids Crafts,
Art Projects.

   Books, DVDs, CDs Resources - Child Discipline, Educational Materials, Explosive Kids, Storybooks.

Computer Game Resources - Play Free Online, Download Games, Multiplayer Games.

Magazine Resources - Children's Magazines, Parenting Magazines, Family Magazines.

Additional Useful Links
   Military Resources - Sign Up, Guard Programs, Support of the Sea Services, Travel Cooperative.

   Federal Government Resources - Business and private protection against fraudulent practices.

   Energy Resources - Ideas on Green Buildings, Clean Energy, Educational Information.

   Recycling Resources - Books, Glasses, Cell Phones, Coats, Instruments, Computers.

   Genealogy Resources - Discover Your Family History, Search for Ancestors, Family History Library.

   Animals Resources -
Adoption. Ending euthanasia of adoptable animals in our community.

   Religion Resources - Searchable Christian Family Directory, Get your life back on course.

Resources Out of the United States
   Europe - UK - England - Children's Centres, Child Protection, Help Line, Child Abuse, Support.

Canada - Foster Children Safety, Health, Education, Immunizations, Government Help, Caregivers.

   Australia - Education, Preventing Child Abuse, Disability, Families, Community Service, Emergency.

Africa - Help for Orphaned and Destitute Children.

Asia - Philippines - Educating the Filipino child our singular mission.

` - Water Treatment - Water Treatment System - Water Filters - For Hard Water Problems.



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