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Child Safety Resources
                     Focusing on the Family

Helping Families
Find Parenting Information

Federal Child Safety Resources - Fire Safety, Training & Education, Product Recalls and Safety News
Lead, Food Safety, Hand Washing, Packing a Safe Lunch, School Bus Safety, Getting to School Safely...

Public Child Safety Resources - Poison Prevention,
Creating a Safe & Respectful Environment,
Child Abuse Prevention Services, Personal Safety Plan, Product Recalls...

School Safety Resources -
School Bus Safety Guide, Importance of safe walking/biking to school,
Current information on playground safety, Student driven organization.  Alternatives to violence...

Internet Child Safety Resources -
Kidz Privacy, Building a Safer Internet, Internet Dangers,
Safety Tools, Safety Issues for Kids going Online, Cyber-Neighborhood Watch, Law Enforcement...

Child Safety Device Resources -
Home Safety Items, Fire Safety Products, GPS systems,
Monitor & Bracelet Device to Locate your Children, Safety Products at Affordable Prices...

Child Safety Contractor Resources -
Find a Local Baby Proofing Professional,
Home Evaluations,
Work one-on-one w/Clients in the Home to Evaluate their Safety Concerns, Safeguarding Schools...

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