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Federal Government - Federal resources that support child care programs.
 Child Care Bureau - U.S. Department of Health - Administers Federal funds to States.
 ^ National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center - Child Care Information.

 Child Welfare Information Gateway - Information/resources to help protect children/strengthen families.
 Consumer Product Safety Commission - Be sure your child care setting is as safe as can be...recent recalls.

 U.S. Department of Labor - Child Care Assistance - Fair Labor Standards Act, Family/Medical Leave Act.
 Internal Revenue Service - IRS - Child Care -
Tests To Claim Credit, Form to Claim Child Care 2441.

 National Resource Center - Health & Safety in Child Care - States' Child Care Licensure Regulations.

Child/Day Care - Resource for Parents: information, reviews and tips about child care centers, preschools and daycare. - Find a Quality Nanny for Your Children. - Active role models for active children ... nannies and tutors. - America's most trusted child care resource. -
Find Trustworthy Day Care, Babysitters and Nannies. - Program Designed for Young People Who Want to Live with an American Family.

National Network for Children - Explore child care resources by state.
 National Resource Center - Health & Safety in Child Care:  States' Child Care Licensure Regulations.

National Child Care Association - Serving the private, licensed childhood care and education community.

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