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Internet Child Safety Resources
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Federal Resources
Federal Trade Commission - Kidz Privacy - Internet Safety: Kids, Adults, Teachers, Media, Business.
Children's Internet Protection Act - Federal Law; Public schools and libraries...install Internet filtering.
U.S. Department of Education - Parents Guide to the Internet - What Is the Information Superhighway?
Internet Fraud Complaint Center - FBI - NW3C - A means to report Internet related criminal complaints. - Cyberethics for Kids & Teachers - The Internet, Know Before You Go Into Cyberspace.

Public Resources - I am the key to building a safer internet. Kids & Teens, Educators, Parents, Law Enforcement. - We advise parents, teachers, schools & libraries about safety issues for kids going online. - The first cyber-neighborhood watch and is one of the oldest in online safety education. - Interactive educational safety resources ... teaches kids how to stay safer on the Internet. - Making the Internet Safer for Children and Families. Internet Dangers. Safety Tools. - Security at Home: Protect Your Family - Safety Tips by Age, Articles,
Keep them safer. - Keeping your kids safe on the Internet. - Keeping Children Safe Online, Stopping Unwanted E-mail & Spam. - Educating the public & report possible violations of internet obscenity laws. - Provides help/information/education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. - Risks associated with inadequate cyber security. Tips to help enhance cyber security. - Online Safety & Security is all About You. Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers. - Internet Neighborhood Watch inside of our Nations' chat rooms.  Bust Files.
Anti-Phishing Working Group - Committed to wiping out Internet scams and fraud.

Think Children First!

` - Internet Safety Education - Make sure your family is protected. - Parental Control Software - Age-based guidelines for kids.


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