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U.S. Department of Education - Promoting Education Excellence.
> My Child's Academic Success
- Helping Your Child Succeed in School.
> America Reads - Kids, Families, Educators, Colleges/Universities, Federal Work-Study.

> 21st Century Community Learning Centers - No Child Left Behind Act.
> - Provides educators with quick/easy access to educational resources.
> Helping Your Child with Test-Taking - Helping Your Child Succeed in School.
> - Education Resources Information Center - Bibliographic database of citations.
> - National Center for Education Statistics - Search for Schools, Colleges and Libraries.
> National Institute for Literacy - State & Local Directories - Teacher/Tutor, Student/Leaner, Grants.
> National Center for Education Statistics - See/compare profiles of nearly 7,000 colleges/universities.
> Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Teaching/Learning Resources from Federal Agencies.

> - Federal resources that support children and youth during out-of school hours. - Local, Federal, and National Libraries; Online Library Databases, Presidential Libraries. - National Institutes of Health - Office of Science Education - All Grade Levels.

Library of Congress - Resources for...Kids, Families, Teachers, Librarians. Global Gateway.
> The Learning Page - Especially for Teachers - Lessons, features, activities, films. Community Center. - Coins are History, Games, Cartoons, Time Machine, Teachers, Coin News, Camp Coin. -
Child's First Day At School - Things to help prepare him/her for this new adventure. - Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids. - Back to School - Facts for Features & Special Editions - Pre-K through 12 & College.

National Governors Association - Education Division: Early Childhood, High School, Higher Education.
National Archives and Records Administration - For...Educators and Students, Researchers, Historians. - Kids, Education, History & Tours, Major Speeches, Lincoln Library, President. - U.S. National Archives & Records - Digital Class Room, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Government Printing Office - Federal Depository Libraries - Locate Publications State-by-State.
U.S. Departments of Justice & Education - Truancy Prevention: Empowering Communities & Schools.

` - Online Tutoring - Get Swiffer Sweeper - Sylvan Learning Center - Kids ages 5 - 17



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