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Public Support Resources - Resource to Help all Blended Families become Successful, loving& Peace Filled.
- Issues with your Stepchild or your Partner in Regard to his Child!
- Christian Resources for Premarital Couples, Stepfamilies & Churches. - Forum where Stepfamilies can share support and information.

National Stepfamily Resource Center - Stepfamilies/Professionals: information, resources, and support. -
Find support and discuss the special challenges we face being a blended family. - Stepparents, Teenage Boy, Development Process, The Outsider, Rebuilding. - With a Christian Twist. Book, Articles, Blog & Calendar. -
Help people understand what works and what doesn't in blended families. -
Addresses divorce and stepfamily problems from a kid and teen perspective. - Resource for blended families and step families.

State Specific Resources

CA - Yaffa Balsam, MFT - Helping stepfamily members/families.
FL -
Helping those in stepfamilies, considering remarriage, divorced/single.
Center for Stepfamily Development - Classes/counseling for divorced/remarried for everyone.
WA  First Step Family Support Center - Provided support/education services, healthy for families.

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