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Kentucky's Parenting Center  
               Focusing on the Family 

Kentucky Family Activities
State Tourism/Recreation/Parks
Zoos/Museums/Theme & Water Parks

Kentucky Home Page
Family, Health, Safety, Education, Child Support,
Adoption, Foster Care, Divorce, Marriage, Child Care

Department for Human Support Services
Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services, Laws

Kentucky Health and Public Safety
Adoption, Family, Children, Mental Health, Disabilities,
Child Abuse & Neglect, Medicaid, Health Care, Statistics

       Parent's Internet Information Center 

Bluegrass State

Kentucky Major Cities
Parenting/Family Focused Resources
Education, Health, Safety, Libraries, Parks

Kentucky Education
Kentucky State LibraryDirectory of Public Libraries, Publications, Newspapers, Research Assistance.

Kentucky Department of EducationDirectory of K-12 Schools, Academic Standards, Education News.
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education - Directory of Colleges/Universities, Financial Aid, Grants.

Kentucky High School Athletic Association Directory of Boys and Girls Sports Index, Team Schedules.
Kentucky Center for School Safety - Disseminate information regarding safety to schools and communities.

Kentucky Support Groups
Big Brothers Big Sisters - To Locate an Agency in your area. One-to-one mentoring to better help kids.
Boys and Girls Clubs of America - Club locations in all 50 states. Promotes/Enhances Kid's Development.

Autism Society of America - Nationwide online directory of ASA Chapters, government resources. - Louisville - committed to providing clothing to children ages four to eighteen years old.

Kentucky Support Resources
Court Appointed Special Advocates  - Jefferson County - Volunteer work on behalf of abused children.
Children's Law Center, Inc.
- Covington - Protect/enhance the legal rights and entitlements of children.

Office of Youth Development - Louisville Metro - Focused on providing positive development, youth/families!

Junior Achievement - Ensuring that children have an understanding of the free enterprise system. - Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks - Organ Donation Awareness Program. - This is where you'll find everything you need to know about having a healthy baby.

` - Custody Parenting Plans - State & Federal Divorce Law

United States Navy - Life Accelerator - Crunchy - Play Games, Gadgets


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