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S. Carolina's Parenting Center
                                        Focusing on the Family

S. Carolina Family Activities
State Tourism/Recreation/Parks
Zoos/Museums/Theme & Water Parks

South Carolina Home Page
Family, Health, Safety, Education, Recreation

South Carolina Department of Social Services
Adoption, Divorce, Children, Mental Health, Disabilities

South Carolina Department of Health/Human Resources
Children, Disabled Persons, Medicaid, Library, Housing

       Parent's Internet Information Center 

Palmetto State

South Carolina Major Cities
Parenting/Family Focused Resources
Education, Health, Safety, Libraries, Parks

S. Carolina Education
South Carolina State LibraryDirectory of Public Libraries, Publications, Research Assistance.

South Carolina Department of Education - Directory of K-12 Schools, Academic Standards, News.
South Carolina Commission on Higher EducationDirectory of Colleges/Universities, Financial Aid.

South Carolina High School League
- Directory of Boys and Girls Sports Index, Team Schedules.

S. Carolina Support Groups
Big Brothers Big Sisters - To Locate an Agency in your area. One-to-one mentoring to better help kids.
Boys and Girls Clubs of America - Club locations in all 50 states. Promotes/Enhances Kid's Development.

Autism Society of America - Nationwide online directory of ASA Chapters, government resources. - Christian Support Group.
Education about parenting/single, divorce, financial.

` - Custody Parenting Plans - State & Federal Divorce Law - Remodeling Power Tool - Educational Resources


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