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Canada - Parenting Resources
                         Focusing on the Family

Helping Families
Find Parenting Information - Government - Web sites for Kids, Education, Health, Parents & Caregivers, Safety.
Ontario - Government - Helping to give children the best possible start in life and assist those in need.

Public Health Agency of Canada - Chronic Diseases, Immunizations & Vaccines, Infectious Diseases.

SOS Children's Village BC - Providing homes, family support & enhancing stability for foster children. - Canada - Dispute Resolution in 8 Steps. - Canada - There is a Better Way than Battling in the Courts. - Children - Babysitters, Bicycle Safety, Bullying, Car Seats, School Bus Safety. - Information on various aspects of the media violence problem.

Canadian Symposium For Parental Alienation Syndrome - Educational Conference (prevention/treatment)


  Think Children First!

` - Custody Parenting Plans - State & Federal Divorce Laws - Managing Child Sharing - Reduce/Restructure Your Debt


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